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Bugsy Malone 2019

Palace Theatre Summer Youth Project

This was my biggest undertaking in my set & prop design career to date. Without any hired scenery, I was creating everything needed to bring the show to life. 

I designed, created and decorated a bar on a truck, which became the focal set piece for the majority of scenes.

I created 6 street signs of various sizes, distributed over 2 fly bars to create depth. I also drilled 'bullet holes' into wood for the Bugsy sign and a body outline that was backlit by 13 lamps. 

I also designed and created a lifelike 2D copy of Dandy Dan with a hinged head.


As Prop Designer for Little Shop of Horrors, the bulk of my props came into play during Audrey's 'Somewhere That's Green' in which I created 2D props including a washing machine, BBQ and sink to echo the dreamscape Audrey paints in the song. 

I also create a sign for the front desk in Mushnik's shop with a removal front which came of during 'Closed for Renovation' to read 'Mushnik and Sons'.

Little Shop of Horrors 2018

Palace Theatre Summer Youth Project

I was Assistant Producer, Head Chaperone and Prop Designer on West Side Story. This was a particularly important show for the Summer Youth Project as it was the tenth anniversary of the project. 

Props were minimal on this project, mostly dressing the scenes that remains static. I create a giant sign for Lucky Strike (in keeping with the time period) and put 'graffiti' over the top. 

This was my first project as Prop Designer. My focus was on the 'Food, Glorious Food' scene in which I created food including a hog's head with vegetables, a giant pudding and a plate of fish. 

I was also working as Assistant Producer and Head Chaperone on this project. 

Oliver! 2016

Palace Theatre Summer Youth Project

West Side Story 2017

Palace Theatre Summer Youth Project

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