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Seasons Pass

Oil Painting

Feb-Apr 2018

This was a collaborative piece with Music Producer, Joseph Reid. 

This was a collaboration exploring the theme of loneliness through paint and music. 

The music echoes the painting. A depiction of a girl, sat in solitude at the window as she watches the world outside change through vibrate seasons.   

This is a colourful piece to reflect the brightness of seasons and to further enhance the distance the woman feels from the world. 

It was very different for me to paint in a certain order and to be filmed throughout the process but I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge it presented. 

Directors Studio Mural

Cliffs Pavilion

December 2017

This was a collaborative piece with my good friend, Claire Brooks. She is an incredible artist, puppeteer, print designer, illustrator and prop maker, and I was excited to be given the opportunity to work with her.

This was designed to reflect the energy of the studio, which is used mostly by the community. I wanted to capture the bright futures of the budding performers, amateur dramatic companies and writers that use the studio as a base for their work. 

The masks echo the plays of the great classic comedies & tragedies. The gold frames are placed to surround the artwork of past youth theatre productions. The deep red 'material' brings the stage into the studio. 

It's ornate and rich in design and colour, yet uncrowded and simple - just what the once bland space needed to evoke creativity without distraction. Just the setting to develop fantastic creative work. 

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